It may be time to fix your online reputation, or even better start to build one!

Local business in Michigan, rely on their reputation to attract and maintain their clients. Social media and review sites such as Yelp, Facebook, and City Search can help local businesses build a great reputation online. Review sites make it very easy for happy (and not so happy) customers to leave online reviews. Hundreds and even thousands of individuals, search daily for many of the services you provide, in your local market. If your web presence is in question, it could more often than not, cost you missed opportunities.

The first step is to commit to improving your online reputation

Many individuals now turn to the internet to find out and learn about a company’s reputation. Just think about it, who would you choose; a company with five, 5-star reviews or a company with five, 3-Star reviews? No doubt, you most likely would choose the company with a better reputation online.

Software has come a long way and today more than ever, you have options! Having a great reputation online can positively impact the success of your business, an impact that goes beyond improving your search results.

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