There are a many misconceptions about internet reputation and management of your online reputation. We still encourage companies to get reviews when ever possible as these can prove to be valuable for change. ! While some think it’s social media tracking, while others think it has something to do with what the public thinks about the company, and still others do not understand how it could impact company and its future growth.

Merely a couple of years ago, the internet was extremely different place. Business were not engaging consumers and consumers were not sharing their voice in an productive way.

The circumstance has actually radically changed. Today, internet sites are no longer just sitting idle. User-generated content is a must. As well as normal interactions on social networks are important to any kind of business future success.

No matter the size of your business, consumers are discussing your services. They are tweeting, leaving a comment on your blog site, uploading to Facebook, etc. If you believe you can miss this, or if you assume you can make it without taking into account people’s voices, viewpoints, and evaluations, you step back and reconsider.

One of the most current business commandments is “Be clear.” Becoming available to criticism as well as responses seems to be useful for business that welcome this brand-new interaction mode with their target market.

There are many concepts to keep in mind as we embrace the future of reputation management such as; permitting your staff to speak about products and services publicly, setting up a communication network, requesting engagement, and not frowning upon objection.

Obviously this is easier to talk about than taking action. However, times have changed and business owners must also change. Using logic and lending an ear will always trump running away from the challenge!