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Directory Location Services, Helping Local Businesses Get on the Map!

Let’s leverage your locations listings to gain an edge on the competition. Our agency is able to manage, monitor, and market your online directories so that you can enjoy maximum exposure online. With over 60 local directory listings available to your business, you are sure to expand your “virtual footprint.” Whether you have one location or multiple locations, our industry-leading software will help your local business maximize opportunities to capture new business.

Are Your Directory Listings Accurate? If Not, You Could Be Losing Business

Using incredibly accurate and efficient technology, we are able to manage, edit, customize and sync your business information across a large network of local directory listings. These include Google, Apple, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo! Our experienced professionals will work directly with your organization to craft a marketing plan to build your local presence throughout your local market!

We will take your local listings to a whole new level. Not only will we manage your listings to ensure accuracy, we will keep feeding your listings with content! We will upload pictures, videos, and special features. Working closely with our clients, we ensure your marketing dollars are spent wisely.

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We Will Manage Your Location Data for Single or Multiple Locations

Business name, address, and phone number

Business and holiday hours

Menus, calendars, and more!

Description of business products and services

Videos and photos

Staff bios with pictures and descriptions


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Fully-optimized local listing to help your business get found in search

It is well known, that inconsistent business location information shown across online maps, directories, GPS devices, social networks, and search engines cost you sales! We will manage your company listings across a network of relevant and prominent listing sites including Google, Apple Maps, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo and Yelp. Our network integrates with the most established search engines, maps, and directories. We will leverage these relationships to help your business show up in search results.

In addition to expanding your listing presence online, we will also monitor Duplicate Listings. Duplicate records of your business information cost you money. We are able to identify and suppress duplicate listings so consumers only see the correct business information relevant to their search query.

When a business’s listings are complete with hours, reviews, ratings, photos, and relevant information like menus or product lists, consumers are 197% more likely to view that business as a place they can depend on.


Ipsos Media, 2014

At our marketing agency, we take your business listings seriously

Similar to billboards or street signs, your digital presence ensures that potential customers searching online find you. Our network includes over 60 prominent local listing directory sites.

What to Expect When You Sign Up

We will set up an initial meeting to collect your information. For this meeting, please be ready to provide:

Basic information about your business, including:
• Name, address, phone number, website, email.
• Hours of operation, payments accepted, and social media accounts.
• Any photos you’d like to add to your listings.
• Products and services you offer, as well as pricing.
• Other special content you’d like to highlight, like areas of expertise

After the meeting, we will:
• Match, sync, and lock your listings across our network of over 60 sites and apps. We will also create listings for you if you’re missing from any of our publishers.
• Push your product and service lists, as well as any other content you’d like to add, to your listings.
• Detect and suppress any duplicate listings across our network.
• Create a map marker on your listings to show customers where to park when they visit you.
• Link your featured message to a Schedule an Appointment page. We can also update that featured message anytime, so let your account manager know about any upcoming deals or new services you’d like to highlight.

Why Choose Our Agency for Your Listings Management?

There is no permanent record when it comes to online listings. To ensure your listings are correct, we continually manage them through an advanced platform. There are many listing sites out there, and each has its own database and method of compiling data.

When you work with us, we lock your listings and ensure these directories don’t overwrite your listings with data from any other sources. The recurring fee signals to publishers that your listing is live and active. It also allows you to continue using our real-time solution to update enhanced content like special offers, menus, products & services, bios, and reviews — which you couldn’t do manually on most sites.

Other vendors, including data aggregators, will submit your data to sites across the web — but this does not guarantee those sites will use it! Only our platform offers true control of your digital presence.

When sites do accept submitted data, it can often take months to update. Only our platform allows us to update your listings in real time. Aggregators only submit the most basic data, and don’t send rich content like photos, videos, menus, product lists, staff bios, or event calendars. They can’t fix all duplicate listings, which leaves you at major SEO risk. They also can’t get feedback on the status of a listing, which means you’ll never know how your digital presence is performing.

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