It’s hard to believe, however, in In today’s digital age, 90% of customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews!

If you already have a strategy in place to gather and boost your reviews online, then you are far ahead of the curve. Managing your reputation online can be a tall order for some business. However, if you have a plan, the process can be much more attainable.

Regardless, of how involved you are with managing your business reputation, one point is very clear; reviews online are important for many reasons;

• They influence consumers purchasing decisions
• Can improve rankings in local search engines
• Improve the overall image of your business

Reviews in today’s mobile search world, are critical to your local SEO strategy. Just as you improve your onsite SEO, reviews must be part of your overall strategy. In this post we will dive a bit deeper into “how online reviews affect decision markers.”

How do consumers use online reviews to make buying decisions?

It is important to keep in mind, consumers often identify with prior consumers. Let’s face it, if you are contemplating a choice between two companies, who would you choose? Company A with seven 5 star reviews or Company B with NO or even Poor reviews? The answer should be obvious – Company A!

Often, when a consumers is considering reviews to make a buying decision, they already know what they want. Then then typically imagine how the store will fulfill their desire. If they read several positive reviews, especially for the specific service they are looking for…then …the decision is clear.

You must keep in mind that the gap between reading an actual review and making the decision to move forward is very small. Hence, your reputation online can, in most cases, determine whether you get the business or not.

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